Happy Camper: Camping Journal and RV Logbook

Mrs. Padilly's

I created the “Happy Camper: Camping Journal and RV Logbook” based on years of camping / glamping experience, which I blog about on

I designed this journal to use on my own trips, and I’m certain you will also find it a valuable tool to log the details and memories from your own trips.

To order your copy, click here. ISBN: 978-1099645792

My Kindness and Gratitude Journal

My Kindness & Gratitude JournalGratitude and Kindness are traits that, when practiced, have a positive impact on your state of being, and your life is blessed.

At the end of 2020,  I was looking for a journal to remind me to count my blessings, and decided to publish one instead. This journal provides space to write down your blessings and acts of kindness, plus pages to simply doodle, write a poem, or note random thoughts.

To order your copy, click here! ISBN: 978-1733364201

Who is the Graphic Designer?

Who is the Graphic Designer?

“Who is the Graphic Designer?” Written for “Growth” Magazine, April 15, 2007. For readable PDF, click here.

Envision Newsletter

Envision Newsletter Fall 2008

The envision newsletter was published twice a year (Fall/Spring). I used this newsletter to inform students, the college, and community about visual communications program. I served as writer, photographer, layout designer, and editor, with the exception of “Tips & Tricks”articles, which were written by faculty members.

This image is of our Fall 2008 edition. For a readable PDF, click here.

(Note: Banner and original color/layout (orange and white) were designed by one of my students, Cyndie Baxley Schmidt, whose entry was chosen as the winning design from a mini-grant contest.)

Plato Has a Point

Plato has a point

Essay originally titled, “Plato’s arguments for a hierarchical society,” is an award winning essay, that appeared in the North Harris College, Ellipse, in the early 1990’s, and is my first published piece.


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