What We Create
Reflects Who We Are

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Mrs. Padilly's Happy Camper Journal

Happy Camper

I originally created this illustration as a free download for visitors to my blog, In 2019 it became the cover to my Happy Camper: Camping Journal & RV Logbook.

Copy Cat

Acrylic painting inspired by cat illustrations from the 1970’s.

Bastrop Rock Necklace - Mixed Media Art Jewlery

Bastrop Rock Necklace

I created this necklace from a rock I found while hiking at Bastrop State Park. 

Who is the Graphic Designer?

Article I wrote for “Growth” Magazine, April 15, 2007, “Who is the Graphic Designer?” For readable PDF, click here.

Bloomington Mixed Media


This whimsical mixed media painting was created to celebrate a couple’s first home.

Dolphin in Watercolor

Watercolor painting from a photograph

SHAW Trade Show Pop-Up Banner

This large pop-up banner was created as part of a trade show display.

Envision Newsletter Fall 2008

Envision Newsletter

As lead faculty for the Visual Communication program at Lone Star College-Kingwood, I set up a mini-grant to pay a student to design a newsletter, which I could use to promote students, faculty, and the program to the college and community.

Main Sailing Seabird Watercolor Painting

Man Sailing Seabird

Watercolor painting created from a photograph of my father-in-law sailing Seabird, a wooden boat he built along with his son.

Faux Miro

This painting was inspired from a drawing of Jean Miró, in which I used my own surname (née. Miro). I guess one could argue it’s a real Miro.


UNP Tradeshow Pop-Up Banner

This large pop-up banner was created as part of a trade show display.

Plato has a point

Essay originally titled, “Plato’s arguments for a heirarchical society,” appeared in the North Harris College, Elipise, This essay also won second place, essay division, in college wide writing contest.