Mrs. Padilly's SnowWoman

SNOW at the Homestead!

Snow is a VERY RARE occurrence in my part of Texas, but on December 8, 2017, we were treated to more that just the typical dusting of snow! And, rumor has it, it could snow again around Christmas!!! 🙂 Anyone who knows Mrs. Padilly, knows I never miss an opportunity to build a snowman. Or… Continue reading SNOW at the Homestead!


The Road Taken

"IF IT SCARES YOU, IT MIGHT BE A GOOD THING TO TRY." ~ Seth Godin ~ Bachelor Loop: Creede, Colorado. Every once in a while we take a road we wish we didn't, but once we make it to the other side, we realize it was worth it. This is exactly how I felt when we… Continue reading The Road Taken



MRS. PADILLY'S HAPPY PLACE Like the shell of an egg, enveloped around the chic awaiting its first adventure, my little brown egg Free Range provides comfort and safety during my travel adventures. Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Envelope