Actual Contact Marfa Texas

A Meteor Shower, Alien Hieroglyphics, and Mysterious Lights

"THE MYSTERY OF LIFE ISN'T A PROBLEM TO SOLVE, BUT A REALITY TO EXPERIENCE." ~ Frank Herbert ~  Reflecting On My Best Birthday Ever: Could the Devil's Triangle exist in a section of Texas' Big Bend Country? Anchored on each corner are Alpine, Marfa, and Terlingua, and at some point in-between them you get lost.… Continue reading A Meteor Shower, Alien Hieroglyphics, and Mysterious Lights

magnolia market digitally painted photo

Magnolia Market Haiku

Shopping for family. Lucky me the crowds are light. Spent too much money.2019 - Digitally Painted Photo Digitally Painted Photo of Silos at Magnolia Market, Waco, TexasMedia: iPhone 7, Waterlogue, Photoshop - February 2019 Mrs. Padilly


Prada Marfa, Texas

Traveling to the Big Bend region of Texas is well over 600 miles from our homestead in East Texas. To give you some perspective, that is equal to driving from Marfa, Texas all the way to Phoenix, Arizona and crossing two state lines! One of my bucket list items was to get a photo in front… Continue reading Prada Marfa, Texas


The Road Taken

"IF IT SCARES YOU, IT MIGHT BE A GOOD THING TO TRY." ~ Seth Godin ~ Bachelor Loop: Creede, Colorado. Every once in a while we take a road we wish we didn't, but once we make it to the other side, we realize it was worth it. This is exactly how I felt when we… Continue reading The Road Taken


Beneath Your Feet

"KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE STARS, AND YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND." ~ Theodore Roosevelt ~ Enchanted Rock State Park, Fredericksburg, Texas One of my favorite hikes in Texas is to the top of Enchanted Rock, the star attraction at Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg, Texas. In this image, we are standing at the Geodetic… Continue reading Beneath Your Feet