Sunset in Key Largo

Story of a Conch Shell

Finding a conch shell on the beach has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and on this day my dream "kind of" came true. Mr. Padilly and I were in Key Largo to celebrate our milestone birthdays (we were born just 24 days apart), so we rented this wonderful property on… Continue reading Story of a Conch Shell

S/V Beautiful Dreamer Tayana 37

S/V Beautiful Dreamer

"SOMETIMES IN THE MIDDLE OF A DREAM, YOU WAKE UP AND FIND ANOTHER." ~ Mrs. Padilly ~ Once again we are taking to the high seas! Well, more like Galveston Bay and Texas coastal waters. Boating has always been part of our life, but it has been over 10 years since we had a big… Continue reading S/V Beautiful Dreamer



"NO WATER, NO LIFE. NO BLUE. NO GREEN." ~ Sylvia Earle ~ C-Horse Anchored on Lake Conroe, Texas. It's somewhat ironic that water is my inspiration since, at the age of five, they pulled my lifeless body from a lake and revived it; my first breath radiating horrible pain through my entire body, which I… Continue reading Inspiration


Forces of Nature

~ Texas "Pop-up" Thunderstorm ~ A pop-up thunderstorm developing over the north side of Lake Conroe, Texas, April 2015. INSPIRED BY WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Forces of Nature