S/V Beautiful Dreamer

S/V Beautiful Dreamer Tayana 37

Sometimes in the middle of a dream, you wake up and find another. ~ Mrs. Padilly ~

Once again we are taking to the high seas!

Well, more like Galveston Bay and Texas coastal waters.  Read More

It started as a blog, and morphed into an identity.

I know it is a clichè, but…

I’m Back!

Well, to be honest, I never really left. It’s more like I haven’t stopped by in a while. A long while. Read More

SNOW at the Homestead!

Mrs. Padilly's Melted SnowWoman

Snow is a VERY RARE occurrence in my part of Texas, but on December 8, 2017, we were treated to more that just the typical dusting of snow! And, rumor has it, it could snow again around Christmas!!! 🙂

Anyone who knows Mrs. Padilly, knows I never miss an opportunity to build a snowman. Or in this case, a SnowWoman. Read More

Prada Marfa, Texas

Lucchese Boots at Prada Marfa Mrs. Padilly

I recently visited the town of Marfa in the Big Bend region of Texas, which by the way, is well over 600 miles from my homestead in East Texas.

To give you some perspective, that is equal to driving from Marfa, Texas all the way to Phoenix, Arizona and crossing two state lines!

During this visit, I made sure to stop by the Prada Marfa art sculpture, and, since I see myself more of a Lucchese girl than a Prada girl, took this picture. Read More

Mrs. Padilly Rocks

Getting ready for a trip to Big Bend Country, and made this collection of “souvenir” rocks to leave along the way. Maybe you will find one? Read More

The Road Taken

Bachelor Loop near Creede Colorado

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.
~ Seth Godin ~

Bachelor Loop: Creede, Colorado

Every once in a while we take a road we wish we didn’t, but once we make it to the other side, we realize it was worth it. 

This is exactly how I felt when we journeyed the Bachelor Loop, near Creede, Colorado.

As you approach the start of the loop, you come across the old abandoned mining town you see in the photo.   Read More

Beneath Your Feet

Keep your eyes on the stars,
and your feet on the ground.
~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

Enchanted Rock State Park, Fredericksburg, Texas

One of my favorite hikes in Texas is to the top of Enchanted Rock, the star attraction at Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg, Texas.

In this image, we are standing at the Geodetic Survey Reference Mark at the top of the rock.

Read More


Watching Sunset from C-Dory on Lake Conroe

~ Sylvia Earle

C-Horse Anchored on Lake Conroe, Texas

It’s somewhat ironic that water is my inspiration since, at the age of five, they pulled my lifeless body from a lake and revived it; my first breath causing a horrible pain to shoot through my body, which I can recall to this day.

I’ve had a few close calls with water since, but it truly is my inspiration, in all its forms: Read More

Half & Half

Two Halves to Bastrop State Park

Campsite at Bastrop State Park, Texas, showing burnt section just behind our trailer

At first glance it might seem this campsite, full of tall Loblolly pines, was merged in the editing room with a photo of a forest destroyed by some unknown force, but there is no photo editing going on. Read More



Mrs. Padilly's Casita Travel Trailer: Free Range

Like the shell of an egg, enveloped around the chic awaiting its first adventure,
my little brown egg Free Range provides comfort and safety during my travel adventures.

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Envelope

Forces of Nature

A Texas “Pop-up” Thunderstorm

Lake Conroe, Texas


A pop-up thunderstorm developing over the north side of Lake Conroe, Texas, April 2015.


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