Mrs. Padilly's Bad Hair Day

It started as a blog.
It morphed into an identity.

Welcome to MrsPadillys.com, an informal place where I blog about my travels, art, and other creative projects I’m working on.

Unlike my two other blogs, MrsPadillysTravels.com (camping/glamping focused), and svBeautifulDreamer.com (a new sailing/cruising focused blog for 2019), MrsPadillys.com is my creative space; where I come to share some of my travels, and play with words and images.

This blog also includes a gallery of some of the work I’ve done as a digital designer, artist, and educator; both for clients and for self. It’s a portfolio of sorts, but not the kind that one puts together when looking for work, but rather a collection of work that I hope shows my creative styles, interests, and personality; the work that has meaning to me.

I’ve also included a couple older published pieces, as my next goal in life is to become a published author/illustrator of children’s books. I have several books in the pipeline, in various stages of completion, with one I hope to self-publish by the end of this year.

I’ll be blogging about these projects from time to time, including sharing some of the illustrations and introduce some of the characters.

Although I have no formal schedule for making posts, and tend to come and go as I please, I would be thrilled if you choose to follow along since it’s always nicer to travel with friends.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly

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The long story behind Mrs. Padilly:

MrsPadillys.com initially launched in 2012 as a simple road-tripping travel blog. At that time, I needed a new creative outlet after I decided to retire early from a 17 year teaching career in the field of visual communication.

So I turned to blogging, and took on the pen name Mrs. Padilly.

As a new blogger, I began sharing photos and stories of my trips around Texas — mostly with other bloggers. It was a great time, and I made many blogging friends (a few who I’m still connected to today).

But everything changed in 2014 when I purchased a new-to-me 2006 Casita travel trailer. I started a new blog, MrsPadillysTravels.com, to expand the travel scope of this original blog with camping and boating — and glamping, and put MrsPadilllys.com into semi-retirement.

Mrs. Padilly's Casita Travel Trailer: Free Range

Also at that time, I did a complete makeover on the interior of my Casita (it was worn and tired), and decided to write a few articles on that transformation.

Suddenly my camping-boating-travel blog turned into a how-to blog, or what I call “a glampy-campy artsy-craftsy lifestyle and travel blog for living life in the outdoors ~ Texas Style!”

While I continued to write travel articles for that site, 95% of my readers visit MrsPadillysTravels.com to read my how-to makeover articles for ideas on glamping their own travel trailers. Since that is what my readers want, that is what I give them.

My newest series on MrsPadillysTravels.com is the makeover of my Shasta Airflyte reissue. Once those articles are complete, I’ll put that website on autopilot for a while.

Which brings me back to this blog; my creative space. If you are interested in a Texan known as Mrs. Padilly, I’d be honored to have you follow along, and get the chance to meet you, too.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly

Other Blogs by Mrs. Padilly:

Padilly Texas LogoMrsPadillysTravels.com ~ A glampy-campy artsy-craftsy lifestyle and travel blog for “Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style.” (Since 2014)

svBeautifulDreamer.com ~ A blog about the sailing life, and preparing our Tayana 37′ sailboat to be moved from her home in Kemah, Texas to Tampa, Florida. (New for 2019!)

(last updated April 29, 2019)

*Mrs. Padilly and the Texas Padilly logo is a trademark of MrsPadillys.com, a division of studioDMJ.


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