It started as a blog ~ It morphed into an identity.

Mrs. Padilly's Bad Hair DayMy life as Mrs. Padilly and Donna Marie intertwine together, past and present, combining my worlds of design, art, travel, and storytelling through the pen and lens of Mrs. Padilly.

I’m a creative professional, and from 1995 to 2011, I taught visual communications for a college near Houston, Texas.

In 2012, I launched MrsPadillys.com and began blogging about Texas Travel under the pen name “Mrs. Padilly.”  

MrsPadillys.com ~ My Personal Blog

Travel and living creatively is a way of life for me, and MrsPadillys.com is my fun little thread on the web to share my latest art, photography, travel, video, and writing projects. 

After 40 years as a Texan, in 2019 I moved to the Orlando Florida area, along with my husband, a dog, and a cat. My travels now take me over land and sea discovering new destinations in the Sunshine State.

Thank you for stopping by, and I’d be thrilled if you would follow along — it’s always nicer to travel with friends.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly

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MrsPadillysTravels.com ~
My Happy-Campy Artsy-Craftsy Lifestyle and Travel Blog

Back when I started MrsPadillys.com, my initial goals for becoming a blogger, beyond giving myself more excuses to travel, were:

  • A creative outlet after leaving my teaching career.
  • Growing my skills and knowledge about the world of blogging.
  • Continue to improve my writing skills.
  • Make blogging connections (i.e. friends), many of whom I still connect with today.

Then, in 2014, I became interested (okay…obsessed) with glamping and vintage trailer makeovers. I also started a second blog around this time, MrsPadillysTravels.com, which, despite its title, ended up focusing less on travel and more on my glamping and trailer makeover obsession.

This shift in focus wasn’t entirely by choice, because I really wanted to write about travel, but my glamping makeovers became, and still are, the most visited posts by my readers (with over 400,000 readers of these 15 posts as of the start of 2021).

But a girl can only makeover so many travel trailers, right? So I’m returning to my initial writing goal for MrsPadillysTravels.com — travel stories. However, since many of my readers like LOVE DIY projects, I’m will be including projects on creating travel souvenirs from objects I find during my trips. So if this seems like something you are interested in, then you can find out more and subscribe by clicking here.

Yahoo! I’m now on YouTube! Mrs. Padilly

(last updated January 28, 2021)

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