Writing and illustrating any book is hard enough, but I have found it even harder to get the word out to promote your book when you are self-publishing.

One would think my previous teaching career in the field of visual communications would make this easier, but it doesn’t.  I find it very difficult to get followers interested in an unpublished, self-published book.

So to draw some intrigue, I created @SirRubicon on Instagram. It’s a new site, and my posts so far are mostly images of flowers I’ve photographed. There is a reason for that, and little by little, I will be introducing some of the characters and settings of the book.

Also, I’d like to introduce you to one of the characters from the books. Meet the REAL Mrs. Padilly, in a stage of being sketched and ultimately painted into her final form.

Mrs Padilly Illustration

Here is a little-known fact: Did you know Mrs. Padilly was never supposed to be a travel writer? It’s true!

I created the character for my poem ten years ago, and during the last semester of my teaching career (2011), I struggled for a name.  In a moment of frustration (another story), I begged for a name for my character, and “Mrs. Padilly” popped into my head.  When I got to my office, I searched the internet to see if it is a name or had a meaning I wouldn’t want to associate with my book.  Neither was the case. The closest I found was a Padilly toy store. Mrs. Padilly was born.

Finally, with a name for my character, my poem was complete, and the remaining characters and plot for the young reader’s edition fully developed over the next decade.

I’m in the illustrative phase of the picture book, which I hope to release by the end of this year, 2021, with the full-story young reader’s book sometime in 2022.

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a while, but I look forward sharing more of Mrs. Padilly and Sir Rubicon in the posts ahead.

Carpe Diem!
Donna Marie
(aka Mrs. Padilly)

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