“Father’s Day” DIY Travel Souvenir

When most people travel, they do so to experience the world and create memories.

When I travel, my favorite way to bring these memories home is by creating my own travel souvenirs, like my DIY “Father’s Day” nature sculpture.

Father's Day sculpture

This simple sculpture, made of driftwood and a white starfish, hangs on our living room wall to remind me of that day on the beach – Father’s Day 2009.

The driftwood is a symbol of my husband, the father in “Father’s Day.” The five-point star symbolizes our four children and me.

A simple project, really. The hard part was recognizing this piece of driftwood as a symbol of our family.

To read more about how I found the driftwood, and the steps I consider when constructing it, click here.

You can view the piece in my gallery, along with my other art, by clicking here.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly


7 thoughts on ““Father’s Day” DIY Travel Souvenir”

  1. What a great symbolic memento. I have a fondness for driftwood. We used to live by the ocean and I always wanted to bring some home. I would love for you to do more YouTube videos even if it is just a walk around your place. You live in a vastly different place from me so that is always intriguing. I have snow covering my world, right now.

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      1. I’m already a subscriber to your channel. I started following you ages ago, if I remember correctly you had done a post on a welcome sign on your trailer door and I really admired it.

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      2. The stenciled screen door post. Wow! Do you know that post still brings most of the traffic to my other website? And it was an afterthought project!

        Now I know which Pauline this is. 🙂 Thank you for being such a loyal follower. I will work hard to get some Florida video on YouTube, soon, so you can have a break from winter. Even it if is just a few minutes of sunshine. Thanks for your comments, and have a great weekend.


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