My Kindness & Gratitude Journal

Are you a journaler? I sure am!

For the last five years, I have been writing in my “One Line a Day” journal, which you see below, and I actually filled in all 1,825 days! (affiliate link)

While most of my one-line journal entries are mundane and reinforces how boring my life can be, it also documents moments I never want to forget, and I’m thankful I finished this journal.

Now that I no longer have a journal to write in, I considered ordering this book again, as it has held up so well over the years. But after five years of journaling a line a day, I decided I needed a change.

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

2020…I’m done.

I certainly don’t have to tell you that 2020 has been a trying year.  Over the past months, COVID has given my extended family a few big scares, and I count my blessings that, to date, those in my family that have fallen ill from this wretched disease have recovered. And of course, we can not omit the economic hardship COVID-19 has created around the world.

I knew I needed a book to lift me up in the new year, so I began looking at gratitude journals.

While I found many wonderful journals on Amazon, there was still something missing: a prompt to recognize my OWN acts of kindness.

While I often journal about acts of kindness of others (such as my post on Kindness Rocks), I wanted a journal to prompt me to think about the kindness I GIVE to others. Being kind is simple, right? But when was the last time you truly recognized how you have been kind to others?

In a world that seems to be getting angrier, I’ve begun to worry that I’m not doing my part to make it a better place. That I’m not showing kindness to strangers. So I wanted a journal to document my own acts of kindness to make sure I am doing it!

Since I couldn’t find a journal to fit that mold, I decided to create one for myself: My Kindness and Gratitude Journal.

My Kindness and Gratitude Journal

Within the 128 pages of the little journal (it is not as thick as it looks in the image above), and measuring only 5 x 8″ (great for a nightstand), I included a total of 228 days to write on (I wanted to remove the pressure to write every day of the year), with 114 entries for each trait (kindness & gratitude).

The journal also includes space to simply doodle, write a poem, or random thoughts; for a total of eleven of these pages.

Kindness Gratitude Inside Book

The cover design is from a painting I did a few years back.  It’s called “Copy Cat,” and is my take on those popular mid-century cat designs. It is one of my favorites paintings; whimsical and bright. It makes me smile so I felt it was perfect for the journal cover. I hope you agree.

So, if your a journaler looking towards a brighter 2021, this journal may be just what you need. Or maybe you know someone who would love to receive it as a gift. If so, you can order “My Kindness and Gratitude Journal” by clicking here.

Happy Trails, and may you have a Wonderful New Year!

Mrs. Padilly

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