Story of a Conch Shell

Finding a conch shell on the beach has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and on this day, my dream “kind of” came true.

Mr. Padilly and I were in Key Largo to celebrate our milestone birthdays (we were born just 24 days apart), so we rented this fantastic property on the island

While the house was stuck in the ’60s, the property was fantastic and had a private lagoon where we could keep our little Mako skiff.

Private Lagoon with Mako Skiff

As we were tying up the boat from the day’s excursion, I spotted a conch shell sitting on the bottom of the lagoon. I couldn’t believe my eyes! What Luck!

Conch Shell Under Water

For the next 15+ minutes, I used a boat hook and a canoe paddle to try and get the conch shell from the depths below. But I was having no luck until Mr. Padilly put on his snorkel mask and braved the jellyfish hanging around the corners of the lagoon, diving down to the sandy bottom to retrieve the conch shell for me.

Yahoo! I finally found a conch shell! What a GREAT keepsake! And don’t worry, there was no live conch inside.

But we did find something surprising! My Key Largo conch shell is a “Product of The Bahamas.”

Product of the Bahamas Conch Shell

A Facebook friend said, “It still counts!” 😉

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It was a pretty good day, as I also found this dive flag floating among some mangroves of a small island.

Conch Shell and Dive Flag

I found this shipwreck, too. But it’s just a little too big to bring home.

concrete shipwreck off Key Largo

If you are planning a visit to Key Largo, don’t go to enjoy the island’s beaches (there are barely any), but go to enjoy its breathtaking sunsets and clear waters. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly

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