S/V Beautiful Dreamer

S/V Beautiful Dreamer Tayana 37

Sometimes in the middle of a dream, you wake up and find another. ~ Mrs. Padilly ~

Once again we are taking to the high seas!

Well, more like Galveston Bay and Texas coastal waters. 

Boating has always been part of our life, but it has been over 10 years since we had a big boat for Galveston Bay, and needless to say we are excited to be back in salty waters.

Beautiful Dreamer Tayana 37'
Her new home at Waterford Harbor, Kemah, TX

We are still getting this Tayana 37′ ship-shape (after all, this beauty is 35 years old!), but I’m already excited to share some of our sailing adventures with you! You never know what will happen when you go sailing!

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures of S/V Beautiful Dreamer.

Happy Trails,
Mrs. Padilly

Skeleton Key for Tayana 37
Nothing says vintage like a skeleton key!


Ships Wheel for Tayana 37
Beautiful Ships Wheel


The galley of Beautiful Dreamer
View towards galley and second berth.


Teak Cabin Tayana 37
Teak, Teak, and More Teak! ❤️


2 Comments on “S/V Beautiful Dreamer

  1. I’m very happy you decided to take us along on your voyages, Mrs. P. The boat is outstanding, from stem to stern, but that ship’s wheel – says it ALL!!



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