SNOW at the Homestead!

Mrs. Padilly's Melted SnowWoman

Snow is a VERY RARE occurrence in my part of Texas, but on December 8, 2017, we were treated to more that just the typical dusting of snow! And, rumor has it, it could snow again around Christmas!!! 🙂

Anyone who knows Mrs. Padilly, knows I never miss an opportunity to build a snowman. Or in this case, a SnowWoman.

Mrs. Padilly's SnowWoman

Since my garden was still in bloom with camellias, roses, and Lantana, giving her a hat was a piece of cake.

For life in Southeast Texas, this is truly a winter wonderland!

Mrs. Padilly's Winter Wonderland

I would say a good inch of snow! Yes?

Inch of snow on fish

Bumble could not be happier! It’s been very hard to keep him down south, but he is coming around. 😉

Bumble Could Not Be Happier

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  In the case of snow in Southeast Texas, this happened just a couple of hours later. Oh, well, there is always Christmas!

Mrs. Padilly's Melted SnowWoman

Happy Trails, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Padilly

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