Half & Half


Two Halves to Bastrop State Park

Campsite at Bastrop State Park, Texas, showing burnt section just behind our trailer

At first glance it might seem this campsite, full of tall Loblolly pines, was merged in the editing room with a photo of a forest destroyed by some unknown force, but there is no photo editing going on.

This surreal image is actually a panorama taken on my iPhone of my camp site at Bastrop State Park, Texas.

This park is known as “The Lost Pines” since it is far removed from the piney wood region of East Texas, and our campsite literally backed up to part of the park ravaged by fire in 2011.

The fire destroyed 96% of the park, but not its beauty…hiking among the tall pillars of dead pine trees was a treat for the eyes and soul, especially when witnessing the results of nature’s destructive power along with lots of rebirth at the ground level.

You can read my full story, along with many more images of Bastrop State Park at my travel blog:

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

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