Mrs. Padilly's Casita Travel Trailer: Free Range


Like the shell of an egg, enveloped around the chic awaiting its first adventure,
my little brown egg Free Range provides comfort and safety during my travel adventures.

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Envelope

10 thoughts on “Envelope”

  1. I will also check out your travel blog and be back again to see more of your travels. We camp locally too…we are close enough to several states to take weekend trips. I never thought I would like camping…but I love it. Our favorite destination is the Jersey Shore area.

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    1. The East Coast in on my priority list! South of New York State to Florida Line! Mr. Padilly wants to get to Rhode Island, or what he calls “the center of the sailing universe for North America.” ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Mrs. Padilly, My husband and I camp in something very similar called a SCAMP. Ours is white…I’ll have to write a post on it one of these days. Or do I have one somewhere with a pic already??? Hold on, let me see if I can look without losing what I’ve written so far…looking…looking…Yes…found a post…from 2011…here’s the link in case you are interested. Where do you camp?

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    1. Very familiar with SCAMP, and it appears we are cousins by way of fiberglass travel trailers. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      We mainly camp in Texas. The Hill Country is my favorite location, but we camped near Creede, Colorado last summer (wonderful trip), and in 20 degree weather in Indiana to visit family (not sure I’ll camp in weather that cold, again). Our longest trip was eight days. I thought that would be too long in our little trailer, but it wasn’t. We really enjoy her.

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